Project proposal

The International Forum on Taichungology in 2017 brought up the opportunity for Taichungeses to talk to international academics. It allows the residents, Taiwanese academics, and international fellows to portray the diversified and abundant styles of Taichung City. It also helps construct the unique citizen identification for Taichung City and its residents.

The purpose of this forum is to construct a systematic research framework for “Taichungese anthroposophy”. The objective is to strengthen people’s understanding of Taichung and enhance their recognition to this city. However, the construction of this type of citizen recognition and city image could not be done in one day. In 2017, an activity started from the viewpoint of ‘Discovery’ with and from the standpoint of anthroposophy to interpret the development of local studies / Taichungese culture. The goal is to facilitate the dialog between Taichungese culture and the world. After that, the ‘Identify’ activity is 2018 is to further understand the uniqueness of Taichung and explore what Taichung needs. At the final stage, the ‘Yes, Taichung’ statement could tell people what Taichung could supply. These three elements form a ‘Discovery – Identify – Yes, Taichung’ model for the study of Taichung.

A city is great not only due to its wide landscape, large population, or advanced economy, but also the society energy and diversified accumulation that it could supply. Due to this, the 2018 forum aims to continue expanding the energy of Taichungese study via international exchanges in order to seek for the positioning and distinguishing features of Taichung within the international community. By deepening the study of Taichungese culture, the exploration will focus on local knowledge in order to understand the past history, environmental transitions, economic pulses, and social transformations of Taichung. It is expected to promote the concentration of local awareness in order to actively shape the local culture and spirit and diversified city recognition of Taichung. The goal is to condense the passion of Taichungeses and the feeling of honor for Taichung City in order to further strengthen a brand for Taichung City among cities around the world.


2018 / 10 / 6  Saturday, 10/ 7 Sunday


TungHai University Department of Music and Art Auditorium,  TungHai University Department of Management

Topic of the year

Fusion, connection, and co-prosperity

Taichung is a really diversified city with the fusion of different cultures. It is a young city, which started as the intersection of northern and southern cultures during the fast development period. The urban planning by Japanese during the colonial period earned it the name of “little Kyoto”. Unique architectures and styles are kept till now such as the U.S. dormitory left by the U.S. Army. The Meicun Road got its name from the U.S. dormitory. Moreover, due to the demand of a large amount of industrial labors, numerous foreign workers entered into Taichung and they aggregated at the Eastern Asian Square (called First Square earlier). With the accumulation of every bit of different cultures, Taichung has become a flourishing, developing, unique, and charismatic city.


Due to various types of charm, Taichung has continued merging and developing its living style that is quite different from other cities in Taiwan. Its living style connects the north and the south, domestic and international ecologies, different groups of people, and different languages. Walking along Zhongming South Road and Gongyi Road, you will see lots of foreigners and a wide variety of foods. The circular Taichung Metro line that is under construction is going to connect the life of people in the greater Taichung area together. Taichung City will become a city that merges various types of cultures and connects to areas in all directions.